“I couldn’t find a luxury alternative to Nike,” said Philipp Plein during a speech to introduce the first show of his new Plein Sport line. “I think there is a gap in the market of activewear and that’s why I had the idea of launching this new line.” Plein is an ambitious guy and his plan is, too. For the runway debut of the brand, the German designer organized another of his entertaining events, this time celebrating the world of sport. There were street jumpers performing and a huge, luxury, two-floor gym with a glass facade was installed right behind the runway. The collection of luxury ath-leisurewear offered bold options for any kind of sport, from running and functional training to boxing and CrossFit. Technical materials were used in leggings, track pants, T-shirts, sweatshirts and Windbreakers, all embellished with eye-catching prints and writings. A cotton sweatshirt featured an image of Mike Tyson on the front and one of his quotes on the back. The color palette spanned from graphic combinations of black-and-white to neon shades and metallics, such as the silver and gold used for padded jackets. Plein Sport also offered a wide range of accessories, including sneakers, backpacks, gym bags and goggles. The collection translated the flamboyant, over-the-top aesthetic of the Philipp Plein brand into an athletic, performance lineup.

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