Wanna go to a rave?  That’s the question that was on the crowd’s mind as the electronica beats filled the barren walls of the Wood Wood show, where men’s and women’s fashions conjured New York’s Nineties hip-hop scene.
The Copenhagen-based brand unfurled its fall collection for the first time in Milan, at the Base venue of the industrial Tortona Fashion District as the guest designer of Milan-based trade show White.
Wood Wood is known for its knack for mixing fine tailoring with streetwear, and it accomplished that Monday. Pinstripes were paired with easy Wood Wood sneakers that were made in collaboration with Asics, while lazy teddy fleece beanies were matched with anoraks and hoodies, reminding the audience of street style’s origins. There were clear Nineties references like A-line silhouettes, high waists and quirky cat eye glasses for women.
“I was focused on core streetwear, with formalwear hints. I wanted this to reflect the society we live in that is a mix of sportswear [activewear] and formalwear,” said cofounder Karl-Oskar Olsen, who founded the brand with Brian SS Jensen in 2002.
“It was a good chance for us to show on a platform like Milan. All eyes are on Milan,” Olsen said backstage.

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