For his first official presentation on the Paris calendar, rising Israeli designer Hed Mayner veered toward activewear references and bright colors, splicing these together with workwear elements and the traditional Jewish Orthodox tailoring influences with which he has built his point of difference.

The designer explained he wanted to incorporate items and motifs recognizable by all, but twist them into abstract shapes, transcending status and stereotypes, and offer designs that could be worn in a variety of ways.

Outsized outerwear went from parkas and chunky bomber jackets to a long, velvet tailored coat, all in a palette of earthy shades, while the activewear statement included a bright red and navy djellaba worked in sweatshirt fabric with a sporting logo that could be worn wide or wrapped tight around the body.

A navy tailored jacket hugged the back thanks to inner elastic details, and was paired with quirky harem pants pleated between the legs in classic wool suiting fabric. He also offered sand-hued military pants, worn with a pocketed skirt reminiscent of a tool belt and chunky vintage knitwear sewn onto crisp shirts, making each one unique.