Is he a knight of the future leaving for a chemical war? Or is he just a normal citizen of tomorrow’s world destroyed by centuries of pollution and carelessness? Takahiro Miyashita made his Pitti Uomo debut with an impressive, suggestive, highly conceptual collection, which was deeply infused with drama.

The looks were all conceived to protect the body. While Jun Takahashi injected an optimistic vibe into his Undercover lineup, which was held right before, Miyashita portrayed the darker side of the moon, where there is no trace of hope in a happy future. The nocturnal color palette enhanced the sense of isolation, loss and destruction, which was also highlighted by the sophisticated deconstructive approach embraced by the designer.

Everything was destroyed and then rebuilt. Blazers featured quilted nylon sleeves and hoodies, white shirts had deep cutouts and fringed blankets were wrapped around the hips and layered over pants. Down jackets were worn as shawls and inside-out blazers were carried as backpacks. Straps were fastened around the bodice and the ankles echoing vintage hiking outfits. Nylon was combined with sartorial fabrics in houndstooth and Prince of Wales patterns, while bonded leather was crafted for a maxi cape with metallic grommets.

The high-end craftsmanship of the collection was shown at its best when the designer introduced white shades, as well as bright safety orange and silver, which were also mixed on sporty Windbreakers embellished with the brand’s logo.

While the collection played a lot with styling tricks making it difficult to imagine the collection worn in real life, the lineup actually included beautifully crafted outerwear pieces and blazers, which will be positively welcomed by those who don’t necessarily expect and happy ending.

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