Bobby Abley often turns to popular culture for inspiration — everyone from the Teletubbies to the Power Rangers have made appearances in his high-energy shows.

For fall, he teamed with Warner Bros. and made the Looney Tunes characters the focal point of his collection: Tweety was embroidered on a bright yellow marabou sweater, a pair of fluffy gray dungarees paid homage to Bugs Bunny and intarsia knits featured everyone from Sylvester to Daffy Duck.

Muppet-like faux fur also played a key role, splashed all over roomy parkas and bomber jackets.

Even though this was familiar territory for Abley, the collection didn’t feel old. His fun, light-hearted approach to dressing was welcome at a time of all-round uncertainty.

The designer also played with contrasts, adding crystal embellishments or lace panels on baggy tracksuits and oversize outerwear.

“I’m not here to show a gender-neutral collection but blurring the lines a little bit is always good,” Abley said after the show.