Liam Hodges thinks that adults need to have more fun, and to drive his point home, he delivered a collection brimming with color and humor.

Suits were made to look less serious with myriad colorful badges; shearling jackets were printed with smiley faces and childlike squiggly drawings, and the Snapchat ghost logo made an appearance on loose T-shirts.

“Fun is something to live for, not to grow out of,” the designer said backstage, pointing to cartoon graphics, Comic Con and children’s TV shows from the Nineties as some of his references.

He also looked to youth cultures from punk to rave, mixing his smiley-printed shirts with multicolor plaid trousers and tie-dye denim.

The upbeat, youthful range will surely resonate with the fashion-forward, niche clientele that already follows Hodges, yet it’s less likely to have broader commercial appeal.

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