Lou Dalton was inspired by the men in her life and harked back to times as a kid growing up with her brother in Shropshire, England, and also referenced her partner, Justin Haigh, for fall.

“My brother had this group of friends that were really cool,” Dalton said. “And we would just hang out. I was just trying to get elements of that. I also feel that you spend so much of your time wanting to move away from home that in the end you tend to gravitate back to it. Or you remind yourself of those times that were so poignant in your life, that it made you who you are.”

The designer said Haigh was the man of the season. “He is the guy I have designed for,” she said. “He wears this and he looks just as good as these boys do.”

Dalton invoked the rawness of the outdoors and had models to sitting or standing next to slabs of rocks at her presentation, which was held at St. James’s Market. She sent a sporty luxe collection filled with easy and relaxed looks that were tactile, cool and cozy.

Texture was key for the designer, who teamed with John Smedley on knitwear and worked in snug Shetland and merino wools on knitwear and accessories. Models were layered up for the wilderness with knit scarves and hats. Dalton focused on the earthiness and landscape of her hometown for the waves on a black-and-white sweater, which reminded her of the sea. She paired the look with black trousers which were a bit wider and more relaxed.

She introduced velvet, as seen on a long blue coat and soft brown velvet trousers. This was worn with a yellow and maroon striped knit. The plush fabric was also employed on a long brown coat paired with black sporty trousers and a blue plaid knit sweater.

Dalton utilized tones of heather gray, orion green, burnt bronze, amethyst and deep midnight blue.

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