“St. Elmo’s Fire” and “The Breakfast Club,” those pivotal Eighties films about the struggle into adulthood, inspired Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian Jensen’s strong fall 2018 collection for Wood Wood.

A cast of young adults projected angst in clothes that drew on American collegiate style. For the men, there were varsity and denim jackets, preppy chinos and classic woolen coats with detachable nylon hoods.

A cropped jacket in a snappy red, white and navy check — worn over a turtleneck T-shirt and paired with a pair of white trousers — was especially cool and had a privileged frat boy charm. Tough black boots added a grunge edge.

Wholesome patchwork blankets were subverted and reinterpreted into silk prints that looked great in a slouchy tracksuit in dark colors.

The women’s wear offering saw tan corduroy — a nod to Molly Ringwald’s prim character in “The Breakfast Club” — deployed in a jeans jacket and matching pants, and in a button-front mini that was worn with a striped knit, socks and boots.

A nice wool pantsuit in a muted green check came with a violet turtleneck, and was the Wood Wood girl’s most adult moment, tempered with trainers, lest her disdain for grown-up conventions be unclear.

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