A BMX off-road racing bicycle set the tone at the Marcelo Burlon County of Milan coed show. While a stunt biker performed in the background, Burlon’s models wore trucker jackets, sweatshirts, cropped bombers and jogging pants with details and shapes from the sport.  For fall, the designer continued to build the brand on these pillar elements but the collection also had a dark edge, with a dash of Dario Argento inspiration and tarot-card iconography: Images of a pink elephant with a red hat or an octopus under a UFO embellished a beautiful shearling jacket; puffer jackets with poison flies, as well as a skull with a rose or the now-staple Gothic graphics adorned his hoodies. Agonism and mystery were juxtaposed. Cupido, or Cupid, the god of desire and love, was also a recurring theme. One female model wore it drawn over a heart on a T-shirt, with a Mets bomber jacket and shredded denim shorts. Men donned oversized buffalo checked jackets, open over a T-shirt and worn over sports pants. Burlon delivered what his customers want — and then some.

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