These kids are all right: Their hats and scarves looked as if they’d bounced off the pages of a Dr. Seuss book, roomy jeans were patched or painted and shiny high-tops came in bright crayon colors.

Simone Rizzo and Loris Messina take a similar approach each season: “We’re inspired by the everyday, by our friends who are musicians, artists and designers. It’s about spontaneity, travel, work and play,” said Rizzo.

Their upbeat collection was filled with track suits and culottes done in soft jumbo corduroy, wide denim trousers, including one pair with a big pierced red heart on the leg that said “Internet,” and tops and trousers edged with swooshing fringes.

Models — some wearing striped hoodie sweaters, long quilted coats or puffers — made their way down the runway in orange high-top sneakers, or ones with neon green or yellow laces.

Tongue-in-cheek accessories played a big role, too. Shirtjackets came with built-in backpacks, while long and skinny striped scarves jazzed up double denim workwear suits, as did the tall, fuzzy shower cap hats that Rizzo said were meant to mimic “what your hair looks like when you’ve been snowboarding all day, and then you finally take your helmet off.”

To stick to the snowboarding analogies, Rizzo and Messina certainly stomped it with this collection.

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