Oh, the comfort! Tomas Maier melded references from the great outdoors and the city streets for this laid-back collection, which was packed with lumberjack and tartan checks, cashmere, corduroy and gray flannel.

“As always, the idea of casual and ease and a notion of escape set the tone for the collection,” said Maier, adding that he was also going for a strong visual impact with graphic, colorful patterns that he wanted to mix and mismatch.

Ease was the big word here, and came in the form of a gray flannel bomber with soft eco-leather black sleeves, wool cargo pants and lightweight corduroy trousers with an elasticized waistband. How comfy for that 14-hour flight from New York to Tokyo, or a sofa supper with Netflix.

Knitwear was sharp and colorful and featured a sweater in faded red with buttons tracking down the shoulder, a coral cashmere crewneck and a snow-white turtleneck.

Pattern came via quilted jackets, a plaid peacoat and a black-and-blue lumberjack check shirt, which Maier paired with white corduroy trousers in a fine match of country and city.

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