Mike Amiri’s first full-on presentation in Paris was something of a ceremony. Let’s call it a rite of passage. In the ornate chapel of the Beaux-Arts, Amiri laid out hundreds of candles and flowers as the backdrop, with his models — both girls and boys — walking down a patchwork of oriental rugs to the rock soundtrack of California-based musician Goth Babe playing live in the background.

Inspired by watching “The Lost Boys” when he was a kid, Amiri channeled a glammed-up vampire theme. Kiefer Sutherland’s toothy leer even featured on the glitter-clad T-shirts and was painted onto the back of a black biker jacket. “Vampires are fabulous,” said Amiri backstage after the show.

“These are the kids I saw when I was too young to hang out with them,” said the designer, explaining the inspiration. “It’s about how do I take pieces of that and put it into my collection without having this overly done cinematic thing?”

Superskinny jeans — one of the designer’s staples — got the glam treatment, glittering with an array of surface treatments, many with rips at the knee.

A brushed mohair plaid coat was paired with silver pants, while a tuxedo was done in red velvet with glinting lapels. Grungier references included a Baja hoodie paired with shorts and leggings, and plaid shirts tied at the waist. There were also elements of street thanks to simple hoodies, preventing the collection from going too far into stereotype.

Given Amiri’s growing cool kid following, this fall looks set to be bloodthirsty.

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