Golden Goose Deluxe Brand’s man is getting his hands dirty for fall. The Italian label combined high-end fabrics with innovative finishes that gave them a worn-in look, as if the wearer had just finished working in the garage and had rubbed his oily hands on his clothes. This use of cut-and-surface treatments made for an appealing play on high-low. A red velvet tuxedo, for example, was given a darker sprayed finish for a grubby luxe look, while baggy knits were woven in a combination of yarns for a similar effect.

In the same vein, a long black suede jacket was polished on its top half for a leather finish but left raw on the bottom, making for an interesting mix of textures, while the surface of a black calf skin bomber was scratched by hand to create a mottling of black and brown, making each one unique.

The blue-collar references make their way into the collection in other ways, too, as in a reflective striped tape down the side of a pair of navy pants, or the loose cut of a pair of beige corduroy worker pants. The brand’s sneakers also got the worn-in treatment, roughed up by hand on new sports-inspired styles.

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