For his first collection under his own label LGN, Louis-Gabriel Nouchi offered a contemporary and artistic line-up that pushed sportswear into ultra-chic territory.

Using jersey fabrics for comfort, he constructed elegant suit jackets, providing structure by multiplying the numbers of panels. A wool coat carried similar details, with extra seams in back and along the sleeves.

For women, a short sleeved red leather top, T-shirt style, was made of stretch leather. The smooth, minimalist shirt had a raw, rough edge on the bottom, cut unevenly. Playing with imperfection — leaving a gaping hole on a black velour top, for example, by leaving part of its ribbed border unattached — Nouchi offered fresh takes on the classics, including the age-old equestrian jacket.

The designer, who has worked with French catalogue company La Redoute and department store Galeries Lafayette, has financial backing from French real estate company Duval.