The elves in the Loewe atelier had been hard at work, with a range of handiwork-intensive goodies, from the house’s new hand-stitched boat shoe made from a single piece of leather to white shirts covered in sailor’s knots.

“It’s about refocusing on the craft and the details,” said Jonathan Anderson, who continued to push the boundaries of skin with a multitude of propositions. Case in point: Using the pockets on a cargo pant to showcase the results of the latest experimentations, like a leather corduroy with hand-scraped grooves, and a range of washes.

Needlepoint-style nature designs on bags were made by laser-cutting holes in the leather. The house’s popular jester-style Dino sneakers with curved toes had also been added to the men’s offer, available in regular low-top but also high-top versions. He also added messenger bags in tan leather and shearling, chiming with the season’s Nineties obsession.

Takeaways included a striped fleece jogger, cropped workwear-inspired denim, a Seventies-flavored patchwork shearling and a supercool caramel puffer bomber.

Looks came tricked with fresh updates on the designer’s cute till-ringer accessories like mini sheepskin cross-body purses and squirrel-shaped key rings, with the childish sensibility extending to details like oversized buttons on coats.

Tartans and wooly blanket fabrics underscored the line’s compelling, refined-rustic mood.

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