Lucien Pellat-Finet took a cue for fall from the colorful character Longleat Alexander Thynn, also known as Lion of Longleat, or the Marquess of Bath, who often sports a riot of colors and prints for his own particular take on hippie-aristo chic.

“He could have worn any of these things,” said the designer while presenting the collection in his boutique, which opened last fall just off the Place des Victoires. “The shapes are very easy.”

The fall 2018 collection is a mash-up of ath-leisure meets luxury, with a red-and-black cashmere lumberjack shirt paired with track-suit trousers, or a nubby gray-and-white sweater set juxtaposed with leopard-spotted briefs, for instance. It all remains very à la Pellat-Finet, with his signature skull, crest, Union Jack and hemp leaf motifs weaving their way through the looks.

The skull motif also pops up on Pellat-Finet’s first sneakers, which were designed for sport and street, and come in black and in white.

A leaf springs up again on one of the two T-shirts created in collaboration with calligrapher Nicolas Ouchenir. Sold in a pack of two, one is awash with the word “amour,” while the other is a text concerning the death of Louis XVI – another aristocrat known for his over-the-top style.

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