The creative duo known as Dan and Shan staged their intimate presentation in a shallow pool of water. Scrunched up satin arms trailed from the backs of shirts and extended from trouser legs. They were dragged through the water, and then wrung out from time to time.

Much like the shallow pool, the clothes were fluid, loose and relaxed. There were satin shirts in light steel or pale blue with oversize collars. Silk scarves came looped around the waist or tied at the neck.

As with seasons past, the designers continued to explore notions of gender-blending by playing with silhouettes. Trousers were cinched high on the waist. Some were flared while others were straight-leg. Tops were cut asymmetrically.

This season, they also played with textures: a green crinkled overcoat with buttons running down the back was a standout.