Paria Farzaneh wants us to be in the moment. To pay attention. To life? To her show? Either way, the invitations to the show, little plastic baggies, instructed: “Please Place Phone Here.” Which no one did, of course. Instagram waits for no one.

But it didn’t detract from the Yorkshire-raised and London-based designer’s collection, which was certainly deserving of close attention. Her approach to designing is to take elements from her Iranian heritage and explore her ideologies through clothes that she hopes will become wardrobe staples, as opposed to seasonal pieces.

For fall, she explored the mundanity and repetition of everyday life, where the need to document everything on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Post-Its inevitably detracts from experiencing the present moment. She underscored her theme by sending her models out on a conveyor belt, where they stood — blank-eyed — taking selfies or filming the audience until they passed through a box at the end of the “catwalk,” to stand inside walls of clear plastic strips of the kind seen in butchers shops.

Anyway, the clothes. This season, she entered more formal territory, playing with suits in waterproof fabrics, like the steel-gray look that opened, jazzed-up via piping in traditional Iranian paisley fabric, and the khaki suit done out in quilted nylon.

A nice zip-front jacket with white and black panels, and that Persian fabric across the shoulders and the sleeves looked great with similarly composed trousers, while a zip-front shirt in Prussian blue nylon with pockets done in a broad band of taupe, worn with matching taupe cargo pants demonstrated an elegant serenity.

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