Angus Chiang wants us to get our five-a-day. The Taiwanese designer re-created a traditional market from his home country under the Pont Alexandre III bridge, blaring out retro tunes by local star Billie Wang and lining up guests alongside cartons of real fruit and vegetables, which people were free to bag up and take home after the show.

The collection, which featured men’s and women’s looks, was an eye-popping affair: orange, Chiang’s signature color, was everywhere, from a denim boiler suit to hoodies and knitted sleeveless tops printed with a design that seemed straight off a juice carton. Bar codes on the back of T-shirts confirmed the link: “Fruit and clothes are a daily necessity,” said Chiang backstage. “Going to the supermarket to buy your fruit is the same thing as getting dressed every day.”

Colors were loud and zingy: periwinkle blue, citrus yellow and cotton candy pink were used on clothes and smeared on the models’ faces. Trousers were held together with metal staples, referencing the way cardboard boxes are made in Taiwan. Fruit-printed T-shirts were created in collaboration with Fruit of the Loom and models wore trainers designed in partnership with Nike.

Some models wore elbow-length plastic gloves, others traditional rice hats, and others still carried handbags made of upcycled soda can pieces. A fun Nineties fruit print featured on dresses, tops and leggings. Knitwear was particularly creative: tasseled half-sweaters covering only arms and shoulders, asymmetric jumpers and fuzzy knits were the high point of the collection, a creative touch that elevated the loud looks to something a bit more mature.

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