The name alone telegraphs an exotic vibe, and the clothes followed, channeling a dandy, gangster-rap flavor with double-breasted suits in tan and browns or rich jewel tones worn over tracksuits.

Charaf Tajer for his catwalk debut kept the shapes pretty simple and the content lively, with a fun old school-chic feeling coming through sprinkled with sissy touches, like the guy in a midnight-blue silk-satin pajama clutching a chihuahua or all the pinks toward the finale.

The tongue-in-cheek prints and motifs were great, from the towering plate of oranges on a black sweater to the crab knit, the white denim looks printed with champagne and cigars, suitcases and trunks or Greek columns, and the Lyon silk shirts swirling with zodiac signs.

The storyline evolved into a sea of pink and berry colors ending with a silk summer shirt in a print depicting the columns of the terrace of some fancy hotel or billionaire’s villa with sea views. Having opened with a variation based on a plane flying over some exotic destination at night, and palm trees, it closed the loop on a collection filled with lightness, humor and escapism.

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