Channeling the season’s apocalyptic mood, Takahiro Miyashita’s engineered silhouettes strapped with harnesses had an aggressive military techno feel. The models resembled furtive members of a military squad, with their scarves and layered outfits constructed from zippered sections, some gaping open to form sculptural armorlike outlines. Panels at the back of looks were embroidered with the words “I Live Now.”

Mixed in were purple- and blue-printed shorts and leggings in geometric motifs à la rock-climbing gear, with nautical striped T-shirts, cropped cable knits, and dressy tuxedo-style jackets with rumpled surfaces underscoring the Japanese hybrid mood. A blue buffalo check shirt-cum-cape with open sleeves lined with poppers was especially cool.

The end-run of robes based on wool and quilted nylon blankets wrapped around the body, cinched with utilitarian belts, heightened the doomsday medieval mood.

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