Canali’s aim to deliver a collection catering to different men’s needs came full circle with the fall presentation held at Florence’s Odeon theater, where the brand’s three lines showcased the luxurious feel that is integral to the brand’s DNA.

Sartorial craftsmanship bloomed in the Exclusive range, where a soft color palette of buttery whites and pearl grays infused a sense of coziness into the lineup. Traditional cashmere blazers had large lapels and visible silk stitching, while high-waisted carrot pants were pleated to give a sense of movement. Ditto for double-faced cashmere capes worn over crewnecks with graphic patterns. A contrasting functional and urban feel permeated the Black Edition offering, which played on the juxtaposition of matte and shiny fabrics, such as in a paneled vest with belt fasteners that incorporated gabardine and polyamide, worn over a sartorial narrow topcoat and high-cuffed charcoal gray pants crafted from stretch wool for a more casual look. Cable-knit sweaters in cedar green had a tactile and rugged feel adding a dash of color to the dark palette.

With this collection Canali continued to try to address a younger audience without losing sight of its core clients and signature Italian elegance.

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