Xander Zhou indulged his fascination for futurism and quantum physics with his fall 2020 collection.

The designer mused that there are multiple versions of one being in alternate universes — himself included. And what doesn’t make sense in one universe might be the gold standard of truth — and perhaps the height of cool — in another.

Each model had half of his face painted a different tone and wore one contact lens — suggesting the same person from two parallel universe merged into one. Zhou called them “Homo Multiversalis,” a fictional breed of mankind that embodies the ultimate idea of inclusivity.

The clothes expressed Zhou’s concept effectively. Two halves of a similar design were sewn into one to create full looks. There were a good number of wearable puffer jackets with zigzag edges, comfy turtleneck sweaters and colorful shirts with a streetwear vibe. Pixilated faces prints stood out amid the repetition of looks.

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