Pushing deep into medieval territory, Boramy Viguier drew up a collection steeped in monastic references, cinching puffer coats with beaded cords and building a coat resembling a priest’s gown.

These pieces sat alongside long tailored jackets and hoodies in rich velvet, rough knit sweaters and slick leather trousers — forming an uncommon and compelling offer that further broadened the outerwear specialist’s range.

The push into the digital realm has flipped around his design process, in a sense, prompting him to think up the characters of a digital film before making their clothing — the evil king Atlas the First, knights or rebels, in the case of this collection. Entitled “Resurrection,” the film is the sequel to one he showed during the Gucci Fest, and takes place at the Royaumont Abbey, north of Paris.

Viguier closely follows costume designers for movies like “Lord of the Rings” and has gained a keen appreciation of the craft — which he likens to haute couture. The designer also included western references, as part of his boundary-pushing exercise of mashing up styles to come up with something new. The digital realm gives us access to endless sources, as he pointed out, noting he is deeply familiar with the work of a boot maker in Utah.

“I love American apparel, western outfits — I love everything, that’s my problem….I don’t want to choose,” he said. “I want to make every obvious notion work together, and to see what happens afterward — maybe it’s ugly, maybe it doesn’t work, I don’t really mind. The thing is to try.”

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