As streetwear evolves in new directions, Children of the Discordance’s edgy collection left one wondering if the next Supreme might hail from Japan.

The country has long been the hotbed of some cool streetwear brands projecting their fascination for all things Americana into retro-tinged collections. Children’s designer Hideaki Shikama excels at it, managing to blend different references into cohesive and neat lineups.

For spring, he once again transformed vintage inspirations and fabrics into desirable clothes for today’s kids, deploying old bandanas and scarves for patchwork parkas, roomy T-shirt and boxy shorts combos, and oversize shirts with matching bucket hats.

Applying the same cut-and-sew aesthetic, he paid homage to his native country, too, parading edgy loose T-shirts, straight-fit pants and shorts with unfinished hems bearing geometric motifs — all crafted from 50-year-old kimono textiles found in Hachioji, Japan.

The collection was presented via a five-minute video starring King of Swag, a collective of street performers, who danced into nature to the tune of “Don’t Trip” by Zacari.

As the music progressed, the dancers’ swagger, and the clothes, made you want to join the crew.