Indian designer Dhruv Kapoor had his head in the clouds for spring, and put them all over his collection.

A year-plus into the pandemic, he felt humanity has lived in a liminal space where the future still seems too uncertain. He came to the rescue with pop-tinged embellishments and a looser, surrealist take on his own aesthetic — a blend of street-cool and revisited formal.

Comic-like cloud prints appeared on striped shirts and boxy suits with culottes, as well as varsity jackets, while sequined smile emojis embellished pristine white tops paired with short shorts.

Kapoor further pushed the envelope of his playful aesthetic with denim pants slashed at the knee or on the side. A range of silk shirts featured head-spinning prints combining clouds, suns and ancient heads or busts that immediately brought to mind Salvador Dalí paintings, while giant 3D detachable pockets added a surrealist touch to impeccable trench coats.

A formidable tailor, Kapoor made his spring suits boxy, cut in off-kilter proportions and fun: A towering robe coat was embellished with suns created from swirls of tiny sequins, while keychains in the same shape dangled from a relaxed suit.

Despite all those clouds and surrealist details, this collection was firmly grounded, credible and amusing.