Michael Bastian never met a rolled-up sleeve he didn’t like, whether it’s on a windowpane jacket, hooded anorak or ribbon stripe sweater. The flourish added a relaxed air to this collection, which looked like it was meant for a life of leisure rather than hectic workweeks. A louche elegance pervaded the lavender sport coats, berry-hued chinos and artfully frayed corduroy shorts. The Greek holiday mood (Bastian was inspired by Eighties GQ this season) was encapsulated in a soundtrack that had Donna Summer purring “Love to love you, baby,” and one model even wore a “Donna Summer Tour 1981” T-shirt.

Bastian knows his way around a well-cut glen plaid suit as well as a skimpy swim brief and, while all the classic men’s wear elements were there, this collection was somewhat predictable. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to a smart, accessible line.