Creative directors Michael Herz and Graeme Fidler drew their inspiration from the cycling craze that’s sweeping Europe, and from the shoes that Bally made for the Tour de Suisse race in the Fifties. Their sporty collection fused luxury with function as in outerwear made from a “techno suede,” made with a Teflon tanning technique that makes hides water-resistant and preserves their soft feel. They used the suede to make sporty capes, Harrington-style and blouson jackets, sweatshirts; drawstring trousers and a lightweight puffer jacket that folds into a clutch-sized bag.

They also introduced a new shoe with a leather sole and deerskin fitted into the mid-section for extra flexibility, and a sportier, unlined cycling number made from perforated suede. Herz andFidler also lifted the veil on part of their fall 2014 collection, which has been in development for more than a year: A series of calf bags with hand-waxed — rather than painted — edges, and soft alligator jackets.