A sensitive guy — one who’s not afraid to wear a jacket the color of spun sugar or a pair of light pink trousers — is the man Armani has in mind for spring. “There’s a feeling of kindness, of tenderness in the air,” said the designer after the show, which was filled with soft jackets, piles of knitwear and a color palette of sun-bleached pastel colors.

With the aim of “bringing the masculine and feminine closer together,” Armani sent out jackets with peplumlike bottoms and buckles at the back, or icy blue pastel ones made from stretch jersey. There were three-piece suits in faded pink, layered with V-neck knits rather than shirts, and the designer’s new, slim, nude-pink trousers, the latter of which are not necessarily for every man, and require a particularly toned bottom half.

There was also a workwear element to the collection — a theme to which Armani often returns — in the form of light blue chambray car coats, and jackets like waistcoats with multiple buttons up the front. A geometric story played out, too, with boxy or scratch-mark patterns and prints for knitwear and jackets. While not every man may embrace the peplum jackets or sweet pastels, there were more than enough slim, soft suits to carry the Armani man — sensitive or otherwise — through the warm-weather months.