Paul Surridge took a stab at minimalism, marrying the house’s grand tailoring tradition with a streamlined, urban attitude. Geometric lines dominated, as roomy, elongated tuxedo jackets with no sleeves mingled with straight-leg, athletic-looking pants.

A seersucker fabric featuring the undulating patterns of Sol LeWitt’s conceptual drawings telegraphed the house’s penchant for innovation, while Far Eastern influences were felt in spare tunics worn over slouchy yet impeccably tailored pants.

The palette ranged from jade, navy and purple for eveningwear to lemon, powder pink and ice gray. Although some of the colors were summery, plenty of the hefty fabrics seemed more suited to cooler temperatures.

Among the standout pieces were trenchcoats that were belted in front but resembled capes in the back, accentuating their modernist allure.