Hikers are a friendly bunch, flashing peace signs and smiles as they brush shoulders on the trail. That’s what the models, dressed in rumpled, old-school trekking gear, did on Junya Watanabe’s turf runway. A wholesome, trustworthy bunch, they wore their fisherman jackets inside out, secret pockets for all the world to see.

The Japanese designer collaborated with rope and rucksack specialist Seil Marschall, whose label reads “Handmade in good old Germany.” Watanabe employed the same sturdy, low-tech fabrics found on the bags — waxed cotton, canvas and sailcloth — to create outdoorsy blazers, anoraks and expedition jackets. Underneath went slim checkered Bermuda shorts, chinos or dungarees.

While the rugged, pastoral fashions were familiar, and the show repetitive, Watanabe’s retro stroll in the woods was as inviting as a picnic by the lake.