Sir Paul Smith is seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses this season, sending out a collection that was pretty far out. Known for his irreverent humor, the British designer teleported back to the Seventies via a series of mushroom prints and psychedelic colors.

Among his more flamboyant offerings was a fuchsia coat with a silver zipper running down the chest. Zippers also cut through coat sleeves and the ribbed hems of tailored sweatpants which, paired with leather ankle boots, brought a flavor of London’s eccentric street style to the catwalk.

Bombers, parkas and Windbreakers in synthetic fabrics such as nylon and perforated Neoprene further fed into the theme. Meanwhile, knitted sweaters featured graphic paneling. This was a happy collection, though it remains to be seen whether these DayGlo offerings appeal to more than a niche.

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