Oversize pants – or skimpy Bruce Jenner running shorts (circa 1976) – were the attention-getters on day one of London Collections: Men. The former sported panniers of extra fabric and the latter jutted out in stiff mesh in Christopher Shannon’s romp of a show, inspired by hedonistic foam parties. Neon colors, oversize T-shirts and sleeves dangling from waists captured the exuberance of outdoor summer parties.


Clubwear rarely looks expensive, yet Shannon’s was at least inventive. Silver zippers on cotton shirts and jersey sweatpants were opened to create slashes, while blousons and trousers — spliced into three sections – were bound together with what looked like electrical tape.


The designer’s trademark novelty sweaters bore images of Zippo lighters – with whom he has a collaboration for spring – emblazoned with his logo or quirky slogans like Damaged or Needy. Those could spark a conversation on a dance floor.

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