Long a mega fashion don’t, socks and sandals are all over Milan and just got a stamp of approval from Bottega Veneta.
Tomas Maier has been steering the brand in an ath-leisure direction for some time, and here was a megaluxe wardrobe for five-star trekking in the Black Forest. “A journey back to nature,” the designer said of his outdoorsy collection, an ode to earthy colors, mossy textures and slouchy or active silhouettes. It would be a tragedy to get tree sap on Maier’s suede blousons in pale mushroom, slate and glacier shades. Better to pop it into your woven leather and canvas rucksack — as accessories went rugged, too.

Much of this haute trail gear was literal — anoraks, windbreakers, climbing pants, Sherpa sweaters — albeit done with Maier’s sophisticated eye for colors and fabrics. He also blended in lounge-y items, including bedroom jackets and crumpled pants in ticking stripes, plus the odd lustrous blazer for those who still need to be at a desk now and then.

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