“They’re very classic men’s wear pieces done in a somewhat exaggerated way.”


That was the understated way Duckie Brown’s Steven Cox described the spring collection, which featured overly voluminous sack pants, sheer shirts and superoversize jackets.


“They’re just 48-inch trousers with the waists cinched in and M1 bombers and flight jackets,” said his partner, Daniel Silver.


The shirts were made from organza, crepe de chine and charmeuse.


It’s no secret that Duckie Brown has been walking the gender-bending line since the beginning, and in a time where other big designers are on board, it’s only fair to give a nod to one of the pioneers. While the ultraslouchy draping suits appeared impractical, they helped reinforce the relaxed and carefree aesthetic. Still, the show at times felt repetitive and lacked depth, leaving attendees wanting more.

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