Siki Im’s spring collection paid homage to his coming-of-age story, which included soaking up skate and street culture, listening to Sonic Youth and dreaming of moving to New York City.


Titled “Youth Museum,” the collection had the frenetic energy of a wayward teen. Oversize cotton ponchos were draped over graphic sweatshirts and cinched at the waist with rope, which was adorned with found objects of Im’s past such as motherboards, CDs and locks. Jeans from Im’s younger line Den Im haphazardly hung from looks.


Im also used more color and print. He presented a hot pink sweatshirt with an asymmetric zipper opening along with loose allover printed separates that were reminiscent of pajamas.


Although the collection put a spotlight on Im’s past, it showed the designer’s move away from his signature street goth sensibility. “I still personally love black, but I’m trying to push my boundaries,” Im said. It was a welcome progression and a bright spot on the New York schedule.

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