For their Paris debut, designers Peter Strateas and Mario-Luca Carlucci opted for a collection based on exaggerated fits, but essentially minimalist designs.

They opened the show with a series of extra-large shirts, jackets and trenches with a drop-shoulder and disproportionate sleeves, which steered into rather gimmicky territory.

Elsewhere, the aesthetic was overly simplistic, as seen on a black-and-white printed T-shirt, athletic Bermuda short-bomber jacket combination, though the Australian duo occasionally lit up their monochromatic lineup with metallic silk jacquards and pops of cobalt blue, green and dirty yellow.

Playing up the Australian brand’s gender-bending philosophy, the styles and fabrics transitioned well into a volley of corresponding women’s looks, albeit with a tighter fit.

The knitwear was strong. A fully knitted overcoat looked summery and fresh, when matched with an elongated, ultrathin top worn close to the body. A pair of loosely tailored woolen pants tapped into this season’s trend of relaxed elegance.

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