Up-and-coming London talent Alex Mullins continued to work with graphic shapes and innovative fabric techniques, and his first runway show felt fresh and genderless.


“I wanted to start with something really pure, and I had this idea of the elements of this rose garden with ripples and petals, but  feeling really industrial, which is why I did a lot of the workwear references,” the designer said. “It is based around how we can replicate a replication of a replication with the advent of the Internet I suppose. So, taking something really simple and doing it lots of different ways.”


He also worked with digitally painted graphics, as in a rose petal print scattered across a cream cotton shirt with oversize pockets, or pink and white petal appliqués for other shirts. He also did flower and fish illustrations and translated meme graphics on shirts.


Mullins also sent out more oversize silhouettes than in past seasons, as in roomy trousers and shorts in a palette of rose pink, sky blue, white and brown.


Like so many other London designers this season, Mullins also sent a few women’s looks down the catwalk. A standout was a deconstructed white denim dress printed with an enlarged image of a bouquet of flowers. Mullins said women’s “opens up a whole new category of textiles for me, and ideas that I can manipulate.”

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