Astrid Andersen’s spring 2017 show marked her launch into women’s wear, and no doubt she will sell more of her knit polo dresses to the fairer sex. They came in country club and deliveryman colors and looked cute.


Funny enough, the lace that she uses has more oomph on men, worked into the sides of big basketball shorts or peeking out from under a loose windbreaker.
This was a quiet outing by Andersen’s noisy standards, still reliant on prominent logos, athletic shapes and flash — here, gold fringe — which seem to be on the wane in the fast-moving streetwear scene.


But the collection transmitted a zen, vaguely spiritual quality, heightened by long tunics, flowing dusters and the prayer beads some models clutched. The snakeskin motif worked into her stadium stripes was certainly on the money. Word has it when Supreme released its most recent collaboration with Nike, snakeskin was the one to cop.

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