Lou Dalton has been going on a lot of walks lately. She’s been spending a good amount of time on the Yorkshire moors with her boyfriend, getting away from the frenetic pace of city living. These bucolic excursions inspired her confident spring outing, with silhouettes and details nodding to outdoor garb like raincoats, field jackets and anoraks.


Beginning with a somber navy and black story, a shiny black PVC parka with a pair of matching cropped trousers opened the show ahead of nice (and commercial) navy tailoring, anoraks, bombers and shorts. Roomy Chesterfield coats were a nice addition and looked great in a plasticky, shimmering sky-blue check.


The collection’s high point was a jacquard inspired by moorland bracken, in deliciously warm tones of mustard and vermilion, that came in bombers, bermudas and T-shirt shapes. Also standout was the wonderfully saturated crimson and yellow pieces, especially the stiff shorts that came with a matching blazer.

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