With its red vinyl banquettes and Elvis Presley crooning on the loudspeakers, the underground bowling alley in Bloomsbury could make you think you had stumbled into Milwaukee, where TV series “Happy Days” was set. Mihara Yasuhiro had turned his Americana fixation to the Fifties and its most stereotypical hangout — and outfits, from souvenir jackets to campus sweaters.


Yet the Japanese designer took an experimental approach, cross-breeding dungarees with khakis for jarring, extremely asymmetric pants and extending bowling shirts into robelike dusters.


There was a sly, streetwear approach to the rampant branding — the collection’s inscrutable slogan, “No Club Lone Wolf,” was plastered everywhere — and attention-getting details such as jumbo plastic zippers on stadium coats and warm-up jackets. The latter, layered under a beige trenchcoat, was a direct echo of Burberry’s fall runway.


This was Yasuhiro’s London debut, having decamped from Paris and Tokyo fashion weeks. His quirky clothes dovetailed with such key trends as retro plaids and languid layers.