The Sibling show was as bold and racy as usual. But designers Cozette McCreery and Sid Bryan raised their game, adding women’s to the runway and employing ever more labor-intensive knitwear techniques.


The designers, who earlier this month announced plans to unite their men’s and women’s collections, said they were more relaxed than ever to them side by side in Paris in January and June.


“Our retailers were demanding it, and it helps our factories, too. The lead times are realistic,” said McCreery following the show. “We’ve also begun selling through our own web site, so it means we can get clothing to the customers faster.”


They certainly won’t want to wait for this collection to arrive: Beefy male models — another Sibling signature — wore knitted boxer or swim shorts, many adorned with colored lightning bolt intarsias and other jaunty patterns. Matching cardigans were long and swingy, with some iced in transparent sequins.


Cricket/fisherman knit hybrids came cropped right under the breasts — of men and women — and were paired with low-slung trousers. Other sweaters were oversized and came with fuzzy-looking hand-tufted leaves, zigzags and leopard spots, all handmade and of the duo’s creation.


Women and men both got to wear knitwear that resembled delicate white lace. McCreery and Bryan worked it into long transparent dresses with ruffles around their short sleeves, and tops with cutout lace 3-D embellishments.


Bryan said the inspiration for the lace pattern was a tablecloth from a Fifties German magazine, and the technique used was handmade filet crochet. “An insane amount of work,” he said.


It was worth the effort.