“Weight is the enemy of travel,” Peter Wang remarked at C.P. Company’s spring presentation as he held aloft a sleek black blazer made of P-lastic, a durable and waterproof, but tissue-thin Japanese fiber that had been laser cut, its seams sonically bonded. “This is the new generation apparel.”

Wang is chairman and chief executive officer of Tristate Holdings Ltd., which acquired C.P. Company last November, and that tailored, yet functional garment is emblematic of his plan to ramp up innovation at the Italian brand — in design, fabric and construction — and “take it back to the premium level.”

He said he’s already trimmed out mid-tier doors in Japan, and made inroads with the upscale likes of Hankyu and Isetan, knowing if he can make it there, he can make it anywhere. “To compete in Japan, you have to be very special,” he said, noting that going global is the next step, including into China, for an Italian brand rooted in Europe.

Other technical marvels in the spring range include featherweight yet reversible blazers, bomber jackets and even pants — each side boasting a different color and pocket detailing, telegraphing a formal or sporty attitude.

“You can travel with fewer pieces and get a different look everyday,” reasoned designer Donrad Duncan, who also designs Tristate’s EFM brand. “That makes it truly functional.”

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