Long gone are the days when Ovadia & Sons presented traditional tailored clothing. Twin brothers Shimon and Ariel Ovadia took another step toward defining their lifestyle brand. “We’re feeling a really chilled out vibe,” Shimon said. “We took our inspiration from hippies and Rastas and blended it with New York and military.”


The leisure-inspired rebel lineup, which featured prominent paradise slogans on a variety of garments, also included grunge influences such as leopard-print coats, leather biker jackets, tie-dyed sweaters and elongated plaid shirts.


The star outerwear piece was the souvenir jacket, which was shown in a variety of colors and fabrics, from silks to velvets. The show also served to introduce a new capsule denim collection of patchwork jeans and trucker jackets.


While Ovadia’s message came through loud and clear, the offering felt a bit derivative at times.

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