Christian Dada designer Masanori Morikawa said he had Yoko Ono, John Lennon and peace in mind while creating his spring collection. “I was thinking about life and death,” he continued.

In keeping with the theme, Morikawa injected military references, such as combat jackets, chevron detailing, epaulets and cargo-style trouser.

Counterbalancing these were some smart sartorial ensembles, always with a twist, like the black-and-white, double-breasted striped jacket with a denim collar and the black deconstructed top with sleeves festooned with metallic brocade. Written phrases popping up, like “Imagine” or “Don’t Make Any Noise,” mitigated the army vibe.

But the bulk of the collection was urbanwear – think fitted trousers, sweatshirts and striped shirts. The toned-down toughness worked well this season.