Here is a success story: historically, the Comme des Garçons Shirt was done for staff only. But the word on the street spread quickly and as the category took on whimsical twists and turns, it eventually developed into a stand-alone collection – not to be confused with a diffusion line, mind you. In case one wonders how many truly relevant takes on a crisp men’s shirt there could be, the answer is: many.


For spring, the styles came in themed packs – from plain T-shirts with “CDG Shirt boys” written on them to elaborate shirt jackets with loose belt constructions as props.


But it was what unfolded in the middle that made one seriously want to rethink their wardrobe. Rei Kawabuko worked the collections in stripes and checks – with boat or sailor-type collars. She constructed fitted varsity jackets in the same shirt fabrics and upped the ante on classic Kent collar numbers with camouflage cutouts that grew like moss on sleeves, shoulders and pockets, forming handsomely capricious patterns. Then came the art stuff. The brand collaborated with Noah Lyon, printing and painting his brutish cartoon figures on graphic shirts and regular sweaters that were matched with cropped, balloon-y pants or pajama-type bermudas, also part of the collection. By the time a series of mixed-media collages adorning the shirts’ fronts made their exit, it was hard to pick a winner.