The outdoors ruled at Etudes’ dynamic collection, strong on maxi-silhouettes and sprinkled with crafty details.

The show opened with a pair of oversize pants in light denim that featured patchwork details and a retro linen jacket with a floral embroidery that lent a Flower Power-type vibe to the look. Voluminous cotton-canvas dusters telegraphed determination, which also came through via the long straps referencing adventure wear equipment rather than ready-to-wear staples.

The theme became clearer once the patch on a worn-out denim jacket advertised the collection’s motto: “Atomkraft? Nein Danke” (“Nuclear power? No thank you”). Foil blankets worn as ponchos indeed looked as if the models had camped out in front of a nuclear power plant in protest. More street-friendly was a run of multipleated pants, cut off midcalf and held together with colorful, artisanal belts, which looked best next to a knitted sweater with naïve do-it-yourself stitching. Crisp white shirts — so long they were worn as coats — could likely make a quick segue to bourgeois streets as well.