Shangguan Zhe’s futuristic “The Safe House A” collection, a collaboration with artist Xu Zhen, was a celebration of street style for the disquieted Space Age generation. White hazmat-space-suit hybrids made of technical fabrics like Cuben fiber were punctured by red and blue aluminum breathing tube attachments, suggesting the survival instinct in a hostile environment, with stitching in contrasting red. Usurped survival blankets rustled around the models’ legs as they walked, sewn onto the bottom of jackets, hitting the message home. Zhe said he wanted to combine elements of science and religion — respectively outward- and inward-looking — hence the resemblance of certain looks to ceremonial attire.


More down to earth — comparatively — features were provided by way of outsize Bermudas and pants with snap closures up the sides. Elements of pop culture, meanwhile, were injected via brightly colored embroidered badges with reinterpreted versions of military and NASA logos, as well as more graphic messages.