Alex Mullins looked at spring through a peculiar lens for this pleasantly distorted collection where jacket sleeves slouched, button flies twisted and waistbands jutted in odd directions.

“I wanted it melting, summery and easy,” said Mullins, adding that it was no simple task to create a jacket with one dropped sleeve and another normal one. “It was a lengthy process to get it not to look wrong.”

Looks included a pair of trousers with a twisted fly and a waistband that flew out like a wing on one side, and jackets and knits with one sleeve that sagged like a broken arm. Mullins’ prints were distorted, too: Glamorous ladies’ faces were stretched over caftans or headscarves.

“I was playing around with the photocopier and I liked the idea of smudging,” said Mullins.

He paired his distorted pieces with more proportioned ones, included wide-leg jeans, and lightweight linen suits (the designer’s first foray into tailoring) with elongated jackets and cropped trousers.

A bright daisy print also wound its way through the collection — on fluid silk blouses, suits and wide-leg trousers — for no particular reason. “It was spontaneous — if I intrinsically like something I’ll just use it,” said Mullins.

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