A madcap, Day-Glo, Nineties rave spirit took over Katie Eary’s collection, with the designer stating that she wanted to hark back to her “streetwear-obsessed adolescence.”

Eary said the collection hovered “somewhere between [London’s] Camden Market and ‘The Fifth Element,’” and for a sense of authenticity, the designer collaborated with streetwear labels Boy London and Spliffy on certain pieces. There were low-slung, knee-length denim cutoffs paired with a string vest in neon stripes. And an oversized Army green flight jacket with neon orange toggles — bearing the Boy London logo — was teamed with board shorts in a beetle print.

Indeed, the, clean street-inspired silhouettes provided a cool canvas for Eary’s signature prints. An emerald-green, dragonfly print appeared on a matching pants, shirt and parka combo, while scarab beetles and butterflies glowed in shades of neon green and blue on black hoodies, shorts and pants.

Eary’s collections aren’t for wallflowers, and this lineup was particularly unabashed in its approach to color and print. But by rendering those elements on those hardy-looking garments, Eary grounded the clothes in reality.

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